Improv Is Easy!

(Then why is it so hard?)

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If your coach notes you on content rather than scenework, get a new coach.

If your coach helps you find more ways to play the games you found in your scenes, and helps you explore them to the fullest, you have a great coach.

It is not a coaches job to tell you what is and isn’t funny. It isn’t a coaches job to direct you into safe, inoffensive material. It is a coaches job to trust that you are intelligent individuals with your own sense of humor, and to help you express this humor to the best of your abilities within your chosen form or just in scenework in general.

It doesn’t matter how long your coach has been doing improv, they aren’t allowed to note your scene’s content unless it has some relation to your ability to communicate it clearly.

It also says a lot about your coach if they think so much of themselves as to condescend to a group of students about their sense of humor. That shit is toxic and will not help you as a performer. Don’t change yourself at the core to better fit their mold. Just find a better coach.

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