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The Stepfathers vs. a Heckler: The Second Beat


You may remember a little while ago that The Stepfathers had to deal with a heckler during one of their shows, per this blog post “The Stepfathers vs a Heckler.”

Well, tonight, the hecklers were back at it again.

As I was standing in line for tonight’s show, I saw a white limo pull up and unload a slew of very drunk, belligerent men who I assumed were gathered for a bachelor party. I knew right away that this would not end well.

The Stepfathers began their set, and about two scenes into their first half, one of the bachelors started making some noise. At first it was subtle; small comments or overdone cheering after scene edits. Bachelor eventually got to a point where he was shouting out full sentences for everyone to hear.

“I wanna kill your neighbor,” Shannon said to Silvija during their scene, finally acknowledging the asshole who interrupted them. “I want him to be evicted from this neighborhood.”

Still, Bachelor would not be silenced. Even after being called out, he continued to disrupt the show.

But, The Stepfathers, being the amazing team they are, took this as a gift and decided to milk it. Gethard stepped out into the audience area, and stood there for the rest of the first half, “heckling” his teammates.

After a few more scenes, Connor steps out to do a genius scene with Gethard still in the crowd. He says something to the effect of, “Hey man, you’re the worst neighbor ever. Stop trimming my bushes. … I know you think it’s fun to participate in this neighborhood, but this here [pointing to the stage], this is my house!”

Crowd eats it up. Huge applause break. They continue to have fun with Gethard as the heckler until the end of the first half.

And Bachelor was kicked the fuck out.

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  7. danielleosaurus-rex said: this reminds me of a McSweeny’s Open Letter I read the other day about how mad a guy was that a group of improvisers wouldn’t take his inappropriate (dildo, etc) suggestions every time he called them out and therefore were hack and unfunny
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