Improv Is Easy!

(Then why is it so hard?)

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My Favorite Improv Advice.


Living in LA, I’ve been lucky enough to study with some of the funniest, smartest improvisors in the world. Here is some advice (possibly somewhat paraphrased) from them that I’ve gleaned from classes or coaching.


The suggestion doesn’t really matter.

Relationships don’t have to be cut and dry—you can just be someone who has a crush on someone else. (RELATED: Mullaney’s discussion of behavior. All the improv blogs are lovin’ on this one.)


The stage is not a square box.

We’re showing moments that will be remembered by the characters 20 years later.

If you don’t have a game, at least have a good conversation.


You should be able to defend your crazy to the nth degree. The bad guy doesn’t know that he’s bad.


It’s way more fun to play the game than it is to solve it.


Nothing happened because no one wanted anything.

As the characters were you having fun in the scene? As the improvisers were you having fun in the scene?

Anything is funny as long as you trust that it’s funny to you.

Stop searching for ideas. Remember, don’t invent.

Were you talking because you had something to say?


The situation changes but the game remains the same.

The game is in how we affect each other.


Second beats should be an exploration of the why.

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