Improv Is Easy!

(Then why is it so hard?)

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Notes on teaching improv from Jill Bernard

Really great post. Here’s a highlight!

Teach in your own style. No style is wrong as long as the students learn something of value and don’t leave feeling like shit.   For example, here’s something I learned the hard way about my own style.  There are two types of travellers, some like to have an itinerary planned down to the minute including bathroom breaks and all the tickets purchased and plans locked down.  There’s a second type of traveller that lands with just a guidebook and a few ideas and wanders at will.  I’m a dissatisfying teacher for the first group of people.  I don’t try to change to suit them, rather, I offer them books and handouts to give them the reassurance they need.

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    Really great post. Here’s a highlight!
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