Improv Is Easy!

(Then why is it so hard?)

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Here’s a couple of easy little things you can do in your scenes to make them better. Each one adds an imaginary +1 to your show, and if seven of you do them consistently, suddenly you can get +21 without any effort!

That’s pretty good!

  • Dress like you care, as mentioned earlier.
  • Change up the stage picture every scene. Whatever that means, just so they’re not all two people staring at one another from four feet apart.
  • Don’t play yourself in every single scene. One scene is fine, but hearing you in your normal voice every time gets boring. Challenge yourself to add a drop of character.
  • A drop of character! Not something big and wacky and unwieldy. Play the opposite sex, a different age, lead with a different body part. Just add a drop, and it’ll color the rest, like a drop of ink in a glass of water.
  • Speak loudly and committed, like you’re performing on stage. (Because you are!)
  • The most interesting thing you do should be visible to the audience. Make sure they can see it! Don’t turn your back on them!

That’s all I’ve got for now. These are pretty easy, you’ll see. And they make a big difference in your show. You’ll see that, too.

Someone told me she could identify the teams I coach by their Kirkian style. I dunno about that, I think they’re just doing these things to improve their show by about 35 points.

That’s a lot!

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